Top 6 destinations in canoes in the world

If kayaker, whether it is a slow trend that you want, or to cut and squirm through the white veil of water, there are points to perform any list kayaker wishes. When considering the best destinations kayaking there are several factors that need to be addressed. Such factors include the proximity to nature, diverse and […]

6 reasons why Ireland – is a must place to visit

Ireland – a perfect place for travelers in search of stunning and unspoilt scenery, which is combined with a wide range of everything that you can see and do. Let it be entertainment, art, architecture or history, in this country there are enough easy to entertain the whole something & # 39; S. Let's look […]

8 top tips for solo travelers

Traveling alone seems rather difficult. Ten questions come to mind. What to do if you are somewhere got stranded? Can you go out alone at night? Is not it strange there in the restaurant alone? All these efforts and other things, like, for example, I will have to attack the thieves? Or what if my […]

General tips for traveling in Laos 2018

The land of a million elephants Laos covered mountains, jungles and river Mekong dominate the landscape. Laos, devoutly Buddhist and largely undeveloped, offers travelers the opportunity to experience the rich traditions, natural beauty and a sense of Asia, as it was before. Our trip to this intriguing country include the time in Luang Prabang – […]