of Yunnan Shopping Tips


Yunnan known as a storehouse of natural resources and culture of ethnic minorities. There are many things that are unique to Yunnan, which can not be found anywhere else in the world. Yunnan is famous for producing traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs. It is a well-known trading place in China, because in every town and village has its own unique products that can not be found, if you missed out on the tour of Yunnan:

GAI Embroidery:

Dai embroidery, established ethnic minority women DPI, renowned for its high level of quality. Almost every woman traffic police to learn to do embroidery, when they are very small, and it is neodymium & # 39; emnaya part of their culture. Dai embroidery is known for its unique designs, beautiful and bright colors. Subject Daisuke embroidery strongly Var & # 39; iruetstsa. Birds, animals, flowers, and five grains; rice, two kinds of millet, wheat and beans – is a very popular subject for embroidery. Each piece has its own value, and these projects are transferred to more than one generation.

Give and buy paint:

Ethnic minorities and Dai Bai's famous tie dyed cloth. White cotton cloth knotted thread and sew, and then dipped in indigo ink. Bonded parts are white, while the surrounding fabric very dark blue. Dye patterns on Dai-tie – this is mainly animals, flowers, dragons and phoenix, as well as geometric patterns. Cloth is used for many things, including; tablecloths, clothes, bags and purses, caps and even cases for DVD. Traditionally used for indigo dye, but other colors are often used in recent years.

Printing on wax:

Many ethnic minorities, Yunnan has developed a unique form of fabric printing. They use the wax for the manufacture of tissue structures, and the results are very interesting. Design Var & # 39; iruetstsa depending on minority groups, but some of the more popular designs – animals, flowers, birds and landscapes. dying technique is surprisingly simple. Melted wax is applied to the fabric with a knife. When the wax cools, the fabric is immersed in a dye. Part of the fabric with the wax does not take the dye, leaving them bright white. Once the fabric is immersed in a dye several times to achieve the desired color, the fabric is allowed to dry. If the fabric is dried, the wax is purified, and then the fabric is soaked in hot water to ensure that all the wax removed. The fabric obtained has a beautiful pattern and fabric can be used for many applications.

Jade Tengchong:

Objects made of jade in Yunnan for centuries and are sold throughout China and around the world. Jade is in a variety of colors and qualities. Jade, being the hardest stone in the world, requires many years of training before an artisan can create a work of art. Jade may in fact not be cut, it is necessary to grind the diamond tools. In ancient times, the diamond dust is used for manual grinding of subjects, but is now used electric tool. Jade may consist of various items. In Yunnan jade can be found brooches, pendants, earrings, printing, decorative ornaments, sticks and more.

Marley Dali:

The ancient city of Dali produces the most famous marble in China. White marble with black veins, which often seems to take shape. Marble is used in construction, for example, floor tiles and decorative furniture. Marble is a particularly beautiful patterns often framed and hung as works of art. Black Waters in marble can often look strange as landscapes, people and animals. Marble from the ancient city of Dali is so famous that the Chinese word for marble is literally "Dali Stone".

Yunnan Baiyao (white medicinal powder):

Designed in Kunming People's physician in 1914. The white powder drug is very well known as traditional Chinese medicine. The medicine is made up of many different herbs and is said to cure almost any injury. It is believed that the white powder drug is useful for gunshot wounds and point, so every Chinese soldier carries a bottle of medicine. He also said that good for slow ulcers, bed bugs bites and bleeding stomach ulcers.

Engraved green plums:

Traditional food and beautiful Bai ethnic minority with engraved green plums inherent only in this area. In addition, they are delicious and beautiful, and they are considered medicinal qualities. Dried green plums are engraved with various patterns and designs. Then the fruits are soaked in a combination of salt, brown sugar and honey. They can be stored for many months, and it's the perfect combination of art and delicious snacks.

Pu-erh tea from:

One of the most famous teas in China, puerski tea produced in Yunnan for centuries. Tea was dried after harvesting before storage dewatering. Traditionally, tea pressed into a brick shape for easy storage and transportation, but now it is drained into a disc shape, bowls and fungi. Yunnan was one of the last of the famous old horses with horses, and tea, which is set off on the trail was all Yunnan Puer. Pu-erh tea has a rich aroma and flavor, and tea beverage saturated red. One of the reasons that the Puer tea has become so popular with the & # 39 is that he is getting older. Like a fine wine, pu-erh tea improves with age, and older Puer tea, bringing tens of thousands of dollars. Many Chinese buy Puer tea as an investment.

Where to go shopping


NanYao Market:

This market is a & # 39; is the largest outdoor market in Kunming, and is mainly engaged in local crafts. Located next to the railway station and long distance bus station, this market – a great place for souvenir gift.

Building Yunnan Curio:

Four-story building, located on the street Nanping Lu, where you can buy arts and crafts.

Market of birds and flowers:

This market & # 39 is a must for visiting Kunming. It offers a variety of exotic birds and animals, as well as a lot of curiosity, works of art and local crafts. This market – there is no tourist, this is a great way to get acquainted with the everyday life of local residents.

Kunming Department Store:

The shopping center is located on Dongfeng Xi Xi Lu, which offers all kinds of modern products.

Department Qian Cun:

Located on Renmin Zhong Lu Street, this store offers essentials and is very popular among tourists.

Daly City and the ancient city of Dali:

Street foreigners:

The perfect place to pick up souvenirs, street foreigners in the ancient city of Dali offers a variety of shops selling local specialties and products. It is home to an ethnic minority Bai, you can find a lot of Bahia ethnic crafts.

Supermarket Square Street:

This supermarket has several chain stores that sell food and snacks. No.13, West Street, Xiaguan, Dali City No.43-46, Street of Zhenxing, Xiaguan, Dali City No42, Fuxing Road, Ancient City of Dali, Dali City

Wholesale markets:

In the city of Dali there are several wholesale markets. In the city of Dali have wholesale markets Xingsheng Road and Fuxing Road, allowing to pick up small items and souvenirs at cheap prices. Also in the city of Dali is a wholesale vegetable market, which can be reached by bus number 6.

Lijiang Ancient Town:

Area Street:

Most noisy area of ​​the city, shackled Street offers something for everyone. The street is famous for its large selection of shops selling local crafts and arts, and a & # 39 is a must destination for visitors.

Called Byunonga:

The best place to buy the famous call Bunong Lijiang – is to the east of the ancient stone bridge, the Old Town of Lijiang. These called unique to this city, and they can not be found anywhere else in the world.