The choice of scenic tours for the perfect holiday in Queenstown

The fact that Queenstown, owes its popularity as a tourist destination in the first place of great natural beauty of the local countryside. You can easily explore the magnificent mountains, crystal clear lakes and hilly valley, going to the scenic tours. There is a huge choice of options. Find out what's available, and use the tips to make the best choice.


In Vakatypu lake area has many wonderful places that can offer holiday makers in Queenstown. You can take a tour of one of the local rivers, where the main option – Shotover River. Excellent mountain range can be explored from the air. There are absolutely spectacular views that you will not forget. Colorful tours in the Southern Alps can offer many amazing places: from the high rocky peaks to stunning glaciers.

Gibstan Valley – an ideal place for those who want to try the fine local wine. You can visit more than 75 wineries. Glenorchy area is located in another land Vakatsipu lake, and has much to offer those who want to explore it. You will visit the places that have been used for famous films shooting. You can also go on a tour of the old on & # 39; objects in gold mining around Arrowtown.

Undoubtedly, Fiordland National Park – one of the main attractions not only in the local area, but all over New Zealand. It has everything from razor sharp and high waterfalls in surprisingly beautiful fordav. Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound – the main attractions. There are different types of tours that can be made in the park when you are on holiday in Queenstown. You can go hiking on the known route. You can enjoy kayaking or cruise around Forda.

transportation options

You can choose to travel by road, air or water. Most travel companies in the local region are specially designed beautiful cars, so you can enjoy a wonderful view while traveling. Helicopter tours are extremely popular. They can be combined with Heil, yes, skiing skiing, heli-biking and other adventure options. You can make a colorful plane flight over the Southern Alps and Fiordlandam.

Cruise on the lake and fjords – are excellent options. They often include a beautiful dining room, fishing and other water sports such as kayaking. 4WD excursions – for more adventure. If you want, you can explore some of the local areas on horseback.

Finally, ordering scenic tours on their holiday in Queenstown, you should take into account the route, duration and activities are included.