Enjoy Bretanski region of France for your next vacation


Region of Brittany (or Breton Breeze or Brittany) is located in north-western France. This peninsula between Channel (on the north side) and Biscay (south side), and includes four departments (e.g., county in UK): Finistere, Morbihan, Cotes-d & # 39; Armor and Ille-et -Vilayn. Historically, the duchy and province of Brittany also included in the Loire-Atlantique department.

Brittany – the most popular holiday destination in France near the Cote d'& # 39; Azur, both French and foreign visitors. Coast, especially on the western tip, soft and rocky, with natural harbors and numerous smaller islands. With more than 2,800 km of stunning coastline along the Sea Channel to the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west of Brittany – it is a magical region, rich in Celtic historical traditions that will lead you to the beautiful countryside of apple orchards and ancient forests to medieval villages and plenty of fishing Havana, which show its coastline. Important rivers include the dress-et-Vilaine.

Brittany and the Bretons have retained many of the old customs and traditions. Breton, their Celtic language (akin to Welsh) razmavlyaetstsa traditionalists in Lower Brittany outside the cities. Region of legends, traditions and religious beliefs that remain strong to this day. Brittany – one of the six Celtic nations. At one time it was called "Little Britain". If you want to see a real Breyzh (Brittany), you need to go to the west of the region, around Quimper (Quimper), Karaeza-Plugera (Karkh-Plugera). Here you will find this Breton people who will tell you about their myths and legends will share their culture, they will show you its historical relics. It is a place of beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, rocks, and amazing food.

Thus, a typical fare with food in Brittany: artichoke, authentic French bread sticks, oils and local Norman Camembert, by the larger juicy peaches! Langustynski and fish soup, too, would be & # 39; ly.

If you want to visit: Brittany – part of France, to which it is easy to get to.

flight :
Travelers from the British Isles, who do not want to go, can fly to the choice of holiday destinations in Brittany and closer. With airports in Loryentse, Brest, Dynard / Saint-Malo and Rennes.

ferry :
If you want to get to Brittany by car, there is a ferry that will take you right into Brittany, to minimize driving after landing.

road :
An alternative to the & # 39 is the short channel crossing from Duvera, then march to France via Boulogne and Le Havre. Brittany is very well served by motorways and dual carriageways.

train :
The most convenient way to travel by train from London to Brittany – take the Eurostar and change at Lille; This lets you avoid changing stations in Paris.