Hints and tips to see the northern lights in Iceland

The only thing that makes Iceland special and quite unique, is that it is the best place to observe the Northern Lights. This is an exciting and elusive celestial with & # 39; reality, which is often called Aurora Barealis. Northern Lights or Aurora Barealis – one of the most spectacular and glorious displays of Mother Nature.

This celestial event with the & # 39 is one of the reasons that attract tourists to visit Iceland. However, due to its subtle properties and the fact that it does not happen constantly and can be seen only on a clear, dark night sky, people often end up not see it. However, there are many tours to see the northern lights and to fulfill the dream of watching the Northern Lights!

Here are some tips and advice to see the Northern Lights in Iceland:

Visit in September month – March and November and December

At this time, the sky is usually clearer and darker, with less cloud cover and the temperature is much colder. December Today is the darkest month, so you will give better opportunity to observe it. It is known that the lights come and go in groups nights – they can with & # 39; appearing on two or three in the morning and go for another 2-3 days, and so on.

Duration of stay in Iceland

It is always recommended to stay at least a week in Iceland to see this incredible natural display. Perhaps it is likely that 2 – 3 days of your trip may be faced with bad weather, reducing the likelihood of her eyes, but not for 7 days.

Dilemma to rent a car or operate a

It is wise to go on a tour, and then pass on their own, as the guides – the ones who know better than to fix the light, and they often offer to make the excess, if not noticed anything.

The best time to see the Northern Lights

There's no specific timeframe, but most likely, between 20:00 and 17:00. He often left for a few minutes, and sometimes there is a clock in the sky, so you need to give all the best, as soon as the sky is dark and clear.

Away from the city

To see this beautiful light, and the demo, you need to move away from the bright city lights. The atmosphere in the cities relatively more polluted and always remains lit throughout the night.

Go to the island cornices

Northern Lights is most noticeable in the Arctic Circle, which passes through the island eaves.

Take photos with long exposure sunset

Often our naked eye can not see the different colors of light from the outside of the & # 39; I or intensity, but sometimes it can and your camera. If you find a place where you feel it necessary to place, install a high-resolution camera and aim at the sky to capture the happy picture of the northern lights!

Check the forecast for the Aurora solar activity to confirm the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights.